Mr & Mrs Villegas

Hello, and welcome to our website!

Our names are Max and Marina Villegas, we love getting to photograph special moments together.

Max was born in Chicago, Illinois and has previous experience as a former film student. He is currently studying ministry through Global University and has a passion for Children’s Ministry. He leads the photography team at 29:11 Church and has helped many new photographers learn the tricks and trades of using their cameras. Max enjoys all kinds of superhero movies and considers Spider-Man his role model.

Majority of Max’s childhood involved soccer in which he ended up coaching for 8 years after graduating from high school. His favorite team is the Liverpool Football Club!

Although Max can fluently speak Spanish he keeps saying he will teach Marina but has failed to make her fluent yet.

He prefers his coffee iced.

Marina was born in Des Moines, Iowa although she grew up in Arizona and is a Phoenician native. She graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications but has has been photographing for nearly 10 years. Through the art of photography one of her favorite goals is to capture emotions that cannot be repeated. Thus, creating the challenge of being able to have a subject that feels comfortable enough to be photographed.

Marina is also on Staff at 29:11 Church as a Creative Coordinator running social media or dipping her hands into anything that involves creativity for 29:11.

On the side she loves to bake and it usually involves lemon if it can be helped. For 3 years after graduating high school she traveled in a full time ministry prior to college.

She prefers her coffee hot.

Photo by Luke and Mallory Leasure

Photo by Luke and Mallory Leasure